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Our Mission is to build a bridge between data and innovation in any organization, using data driven insights and value driven development in a highly iterative and collaborative environment.


Our Solutions

We help organization in a wide variety of data needs such as Big Data Analytics, Data App Development, Large Scale Image and Text Analysis, Strategic Data Insights, Complex Data Modeling, Data Warehousing Architecture, etc. Contact us, let us know your data needs and we will tell you how we can help.

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Our Technology

Experts in a big portfolio of technology solutions ranging from Big Data frameworks like Hadoop and its ecosystem, SQL and NoSQL technologies, Stream Processing architecture, Computer Vision and  Natural Language Processing packages and custom SaaS Development for your data applications or visualizations. 

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Our Customers

Our customers are organizations committed to use data to excel in their corporate strategy and innovate in their markets. We are committed to work collaboratively with our customers creating Potentially Shippable Products in multiple Short Value Driven Iterations to achieve these goals.

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